5 Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance tools on residential roof in Florida.

5 Benefits of Roof Maintenance

If you are a South Florida resident, you are probably no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Over time, hurricanes, tropical storms and prolonged heat waves can result in cracked tiles, roof leaks and even internal damage to your property.

If you are experiencing problems with your roof, the first step is to contact an experienced roofing specialist. A roofing professional will be able to perform a thorough inspection and properly assess the level of damage to your roof.

Roof maintenance can provide you with the protection you need while saving you a significant amount of money. If the structural integrity of your roofing has not been compromised, you may want to consider roof maintenance before you think about a full roof replacement.

This month, Hercules Roofing brings you 5 benefits of roof maintenance.

1. Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Roof

One of the key benefits of roof maintenance is that it can add years to the lifespan of your roof.

Roof maintenance is the process of cleaning, repairing, sealing and recoating a roof. This procedure ensures that your roof is kept in optimal condition and that it is protected from any future wear and tear.

While the lifespan of a commercial roof is normally around 20 years, roof maintenance can add up to 15 years of life to your existing roof for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

2. Maintenance Saves You Money

Roof maintenance is a less expensive alternative to full roof replacement, which is why many homeowners and business owners are choosing regular roof maintenance over complete roof replacement.

Since roof maintenance does not require the tear-off or removal of the existing roof, property owners can save big on labor costs. In fact, roof maintenance can save building owners anywhere from 50-70% compared to the installation cost of complete roof replacement.

3. Maintenance Prevents Leaks

If your roof is weakened or not properly sealed, water and moisture can easily find its way into your property. If not treated, water leaks can result in mold, rotted framing, sheathing, destroyed insulation, damaged ceilings and other costly damage to your home or business.

With roof maintenance, your roofing professionals will diagnose any problems and repair any cracked areas or broken shingles that could cause potential water leaks.

4. Maintenance is Sustainable

In addition to economic benefits, roof maintenance also has several environmental advantages.

Unfortunately, millions of tons of roofing waste end up in U.S. landfills every year. With roof maintenance, your roofing professionals will repair your existing roof rather than install new material, making maintenance the more environmentally-friendly option when compared to roof replacement.

In addition to preventing tear-off waste, roof maintenance can result in reduced energy expenditure. If air is leaking out of your home or business, you may find that roof maintenance pays for itself by saving you money on your energy bills every month.

5. Maintenance Could Provide Tax Benefits

If you are a business owner, expenses for the repair of your property can be deducted during tax time. While roof replacement is considered a capital improvement, roof maintenance is classified as a maintenance expenditure and is generally tax deductible.

According to the federal government, commercial roofs are depreciated over 39 years. For this reason, it makes financial sense to extend the lifespan of your roof as much as possible.

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