Sometimes you get stuck replacing your roof suddenly after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Other times, your roof will just naturally reach the end of its lifespan. When that happens, it’s important to recognize the signs and get your roof replaced as soon as possible because, if delayed, it could result in much bigger problems down the line, costing you much more than just a roof replacement.

That’s why Hercules Roofing has put together a list of signs that your roof may be at the end of its life. Know the signs so that you can protect your home – and your wallet – from serious damage.

Out With the Old!

Before we look at anything else, you must consider the age of your roof. A roof’s lifespan depends on the type and quality of your roof, but you can assume that an average roof will last you about 20 years. If your roof hasn’t been replaced in well over two decades, it’s probably time to think about bringing out an expert to inspect what the situation calls for.

Visible Granules

As your roof begins to deteriorate, it will start to break into small pieces that look like dark, coarse sand. If you start to see granules in your gutters, yard, and other areas surrounding your home, they’re most likely coming from your roof – a roof that most likely needs to be replaced.

Staining and Bubbling Paint

If your roof has already started to leak, you will start to see the deterioration of paint around the roofline – but it won’t stop there. It can leak into your home and potentially stain your walls! If you notice any staining, peeling, or bubbling paint in your home or by the roofline, it could be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life.

Spike in Your Electric Bill

There can be many other reasons why your electric bills are rising, but don’t rule out your roof as the culprit just yet. A good roof acts as an insulator, protecting your home from the harsh winter chill and the sweltering summer sun. If your electric bill is starting to rise more than is usual, it could be because your air conditioning and heating systems are working extra hard to combat the temperatures sneaking in from outside.

Curled Shingles

Curled shingles can occur because of trapped moisture in the attic space of your home. When your roof isn’t doing its job of protecting your home from the rain, this moisture will build up and push nails up and out of the roof’s decking. So, if you’ve noticed your shingles aren’t lying flat, it’s probably time for a new roof.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

If, as reading this list, you were realizing all the issues that your old roof is causing, it’s time to replace it. At Hercules roofing, we provide care and service unlike any other you’ve received. Give us a call at 561-220-9998 or contact us online today and receive a free estimate.