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Summer roofing tips

Summertime Roof Maintenance Tips

Have you found damage to your roof? Sprung a leak or noticed mold? Before a small problem turns into a big, expensive replacement, contact Hercules Roofing for a free repair quote. At Hercules Roofing, we talk a lot about how it is important to regularly inspect your roof. Early detection of leaks can prevent headaches – literally. As water gets into your home, mold starts to grow which can cause a multitude of health problems, including headaches. The stress from [...]

Is Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

Is Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season?

Ready to schedule a roof check-up before the start of hurricane season? Give Hercule Roofing a call to book your inspection! It is essential to schedule an early roof check-up to ensure your family, home and valuables stay safe during the 2019 hurricane season. It is especially critical for coastal home owners to prepare ahead of time for hurricane season they are most prone to severe wind and flood damage. Consider booking your next check-up during National Hurricane Preparedness Week [...]


Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring 2019

Do you need a company that can take care of Commercial and Residential roof maintenance? Get in touch with us today! Please leave this field empty. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to your residential or commercial roof; maintenance is important. Replacing a roof can be a costly and time-consuming process, so it is critical to inspect your roof at least twice a year [...]

Preventative maintenance for commercial roofs in Palm Beach County.

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Roofs

Do you need a company that can take care of Commercial and Residential roof maintenance? Get in touch with us today! Please leave this field empty. Proactive maintenance is the most efficient approach to make sure that commercial roofing stays safe and up to code. Avoid unnecessary problems caused by weather conditions or structural issues, both of which can have a serious impact on the longevity of any roof, commercial or not. Periodic inspections, annual care, and proper attention can help [...]

How to tell if it's time to replace your roof in palm beach county.

How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Sometimes you get stuck replacing your roof suddenly after a hurricane or other natural disaster. Other times, your roof will just naturally reach the end of its lifespan. When that happens, it’s important to recognize the signs and get your roof replaced as soon as possible because, if delayed, it could result in much bigger problems down the line, costing you much more than just a roof replacement. That’s why Hercules Roofing has put together a list of signs that [...]

Advantages of installing a shingle roof in Boca Raton.

Reasons Why We Love Shingle Roofs

Maybe it’s just years worth of wear and tear… or maybe a recent hurricane is the culprit; but either way, when it’s time to replace your roof, you have a lot of things to think about. One of your options is to replace your roof with a beautiful new shingle roof. This popular option has a lot of great advantages – in fact, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to help you make the most informed decision! Affordability Did you know [...]

Tile and Shingle roof life expectancy in Palm Beach County.

What’s the Life Expectancy of My Roof? Tile vs. Shingle

Are you building your home from scratch? Maybe you’re thinking about replacing your current home’s roof? We know there are a few options to consider in the whole process… but we don’t want you to spend too much time worrying about the specifics! We went ahead and explained a bit about the life expectancy for both tile and shingle roofs, and why you would want either one! Tile Roofing How long is a lifetime? Many lifetime tile roofs are guaranteed for [...]

How to clean your roof shingles in Palm Beach County.

How to Clean Your Roof Shingles

You finally decide to throw a family get together after not seeing your in-laws for a few years. Things have been tense but now there’s a new hope of easing relations and letting the past be the past. That fateful Sunday brunch finally comes and your worst, and unexpected, nightmares come true. As soon as your in-laws get out of the car they see the unsightly black stains on your shingled roof and begin to tear apart all the [...]

Your roof affects your homeowners insurance.

How Your Roof Can Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

When thinking about the most crucial components of a house, people may be quick to think about the kitchen space or the location. Although these are very important parts of a whole, it can become easy to overlook the significance of our roofs. We tend to neglect our roofs because they aren’t something we come into contact with every day. Roofs are one of many key factors that can influence the value of your homeowners insurance. Being that your roof [...]

What color is best for your roof tile or shingles? Check out Hercules Roofing’s blog to find out.

What Color of Roof Tiles Should You Choose?

Choosing a roof tile color is an essential facet and reflection of your home. A roof is up to 40% of your homes visible exterior, making choosing the color a significant investment for your home. What things should you consider and weigh when choosing a color for roof tiles? Here, we give you a few tips to consider when choosing the right color for your home. Consider the Climate Your Live In A significant factor when choosing a color for your [...]