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Shingle Roof assembly by roofer on residential home.

Shingle Roofs vs. Tile Roofs: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

When it’s time to purchase a new roof, you’ll be faced with a number of decisions. Which installer should you use? How much are you willing to spend? And another decision you may not have considered: What materials should be used on your roof? Whether you’re replacing a damaged roof or buying one as you build a home, you’ll have several roofing coverings to pick from. Let’s look at two of the most popular, shingle and tile, to help [...]

Florida home's new roof and driveway.

How To Take Care Of Your Roof During A Florida Winter

Winter starts Dec. 21, so it’s time to get your parka and gloves ready. Just kidding – we live in Florida, so our winter prep usually consists of wearing closed-toe shoes instead of flip-flops. Even though the change in the season won’t bring any drastic differences to our state’s forecasts, you’ll still need to be mindful of how winter will impact your roof. Let’s explore how you can take care of your roof during a Florida winter. Examine Your Roof Sure, you [...]

Roof damage from overgrowth in need of roof repair from Hercules Roofing experts.

3 Roof Maintenance Tips for the Summer | Hercules Roofing

Summertime is here, at last, bring blue skies and snow birds to South Florida. But with that comes hurricane season, the great destroyer of Florida roofs. Most people think of fall as the time to get up there and take care of the roof, but maintenance is a year-round activity. Now is as good a time to start as any. To get you started, here are three things you can do to help maintain your roof this summer. 1. Clean the [...]

Roof maintenance tools on residential roof in Florida.

5 Benefits of Roof Maintenance

If you are a South Florida resident, you are probably no stranger to extreme weather conditions. Over time, hurricanes, tropical storms and prolonged heat waves can result in cracked tiles, roof leaks and even internal damage to your property. If you are experiencing problems with your roof, the first step is to contact an experienced roofing contractor.

Roof damage from South Florida Hurricane Season.

South Florida Roof Leak Repair: What to Do if Your Roof is Damaged During a Hurricane or Summer Storm

Roofing damage can be hard to detect since it’s not always immediately visible. It can often be impossible to detect leaks unless you are a trained roofing professional who knows what to look for. The chance of your roof suffering damage increases, of course, after a hurricane or summer storm. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you take steps to address potential roof damage after severe weather events. Here is what you should do if [...]


South Florida Roofing: How Hurricane Force Wind Can Damage Florida Roofing

In Florida, hurricanes are a part of life. Although sometimes there’s enough advance warning to prepare for the onset of heavy winds and torrential rains, each hurricane brings with it the possibility of severe property damage. Here is a look at how hurricane force wind can damage your home’s roofing. Leaks As every Florida resident knows, hurricane rainfall can cause much more damage than the average shower. Hurricane rain is driven by heavy winds and can strike at high velocities. It [...]


Florida Roof Installation: Tips on Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

Expert roof installation is essential to keeping your house or commercial property protected from the elements, pests, and other threats. Choosing the right roofing system for your home or business can sometimes be a challenge simply because there is such a wide variety of materials from which to choose. Here are some tips on choosing the right roofing material for your commercial or residential roofing. Determine a Budget While more expensive roofing materials tend to be of higher quality, not everyone [...]


Florida Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: How to Know What’s Right For You

Your house is only as good as your roof. Your roof is certainly one of the most important structural components of your home, which is why keeping up with roof repairs and maintenance is so important. But there are certain situations in which basic roof repairs may not be enough to mitigate roofing problems. In this case you would choose to replace the roof you have. Here are some factors to consider when deciding to repair or re-roof your [...]


South Florida Roof Repair: Tips To Recognizing If Your Roof Is In Need of Repair

No roof lasts forever. Exposure to the elements (especially here in Florida) will cause any roof to need repairs eventually. Recently, I came this video posted by State Farm video that shows you how to recognize a roof in need of professional repair or maintenance. The video covers tips for shingles, tiles, and other common roofing materials. You can learn the signs of weather damage that likely require immediate repair. Roofs that reach over 15 years of service may even [...]


South Florida Roofing: Unseen Roof Damage – How It Can Hurt You

Not all roof damage is as evident as damaged shingles or  gaping hole in your roof. However, the unseen roof issues are often those that pose the greatest risk to your home. Here are a few common roof problems that may not be easy to see: Moisture Problems A myriad of water-related problems can cause issues for your commercial or residential roof. Harsh Florida winds can force excess moisture under your shingles and form wet spots. Moisture that sits beneath the [...]