Hurricane season is upon us, meaning torrential downpours and aggressive winds could cause serious damage to your roof. Your roof is your first line of defense, and its ability to withstand a hurricane is essential in protecting you and your family.

So what exactly can you do to prevent roof damages? Our expert roofers at Hercules Roofing suggest three ways to avoid severe damage from occurring to your home.

1. Check Your Attic

The first thing you’ll want to do is check out your attic. Look for any points of light shining through – these would indicate that there are small holes that could potentially let in wind and water. Additionally, stains or dark spots on your plywood could also mean leaks or mold.

Be sure to also examine the rafters for protruding nail tips, because this could mean that the underlayment is not adequately secured.

2. Inspect Your Roof

Your roof has the highest probability of creating an opening during a storm, so it’s essential to review it from the outside as well.

Thoroughly inspect your roof to be sure that tiles and shingles are secure. If they aren’t, you can toughen up your roofing by adding cement under shingle tabs, running a bead of construction adhesive along the seam between the rafter and deck, and adding cement to the edges of the roof where the shingles are exposed.

If you’re unable to do this yourself, call Hercules Roofing for a full roof inspection!

3. Trim Your Trees

Trees and branches that are near your home can cause severe damage during a hurricane. A tree falling on your roof could cause electrical issues, significant leaks, and even hurt someone that’s inside.

To avoid these issues, make sure to trim trees and branches that hang over your home or come in close distance to your roof. With that in mind, be sure the trim your tree at an appropriate time before a hurricane forms. That way, you can dispose of the debris property – avoiding flying debris during a windy storm.

Prepare Your Roof for Hurricane Season with Hercules Roofing.

The number one way to prevent your roof from being ripped apart by the strong winds this hurricane season is by calling the professional at Hercules Roofing. Your roof is your first line of defense, so let us make sure it is secure for you! Call us today at 561-562-4992 or visit our website.